Preetie Boler. Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

Preetie Boler

Certified emotional intelligence practitioner, transformational leader, social change advocate and international motivational speaker.

Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner


16 years ago, those were the words I had chosen to describe myself and my life. I was at a crossroads and literally saw 2 options in front of me – I chose to live life to the fullest!

But for so many years of my life, and despite a good career as a lawyer working successfully in the corporate sector, as well as having a healthy and happy young son, I focussed on crippling thoughts of low self-worth and limiting beliefs. I was living my life based on the expectations of those around me, and my childhood conditioning, cultural programming and painful life experiences contributed to my choices, keeping me small and always feeling I wasn’t good enough.

I was at a point where I felt I needed to be rescued, and following a huge wake-up call, I realised no one was going to rescue me…..but me! I could no longer tolerate who I’d become. I was tired of feeling helpless and tired of feeling disempowered. I had to do something to break free from the shackles that weighed me down.

During the last sixteen years, I have learnt to take responsibility for my life, studying all that I could and making choices in alignment with the person I wanted to become. I now live my life to its fullest potential. I have created the life of my dreams – and you can too!

I am on a quest to share what I’ve learned through my lived experience, and through my study on emotional intelligence and mindfulness, with a plan to touch the hearts of 10,000 individuals in the next 5 years. Self-transformation is easier than you might think. With becoming mindful, opening my mind to my full potential, and enhancing my EQ skills have become a way of life for me, I became empowered to design the life I want to live. And you can too. How do you feel about becoming a creator of miracles in your life?

Preetie Boler. Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.