Build the best future for yourself and become a positive influence

Helping you to build a fulfilling career and becoming an effective leader through emotional intelligence

Preetie Boler. Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.
Future proof your career.
Become irreplaceable.
Live a more rewarding life.

Emotional intelligence is the key to long term career and business success.

Future proof your career.

Learn the main skill that will serve you at every stage of your career - from your first job to becoming a leader that everyone wants to follow.

Become irreplaceable.

Technical skills can be replaced. Emotional intelligence is the core skill that makes you a linchpin in your team.

Live a more rewarding life.

Develop the most important skill to live a more rewarding personal and professional life.

Don’t miss out on the career and life you deserve

You have the potential to go further than you thought. With the right skills in your toolbox.

Stand out balloons.

The key I’ve learnt from 30 years of corporate experience.

I have seen so many great professionals unable to progress in their career despite their great achievements. All of them shared the same challenge - lack of emotional intelligence skills.

Preetie Boler. Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.
Preetie Boler
Over 30 years of corporate experience


To help you build a fulfilling career and empowered life.
To help organisations create successful, happy, and fulfilling work environments.

Land your best first job.

Your Pathway to Extraordinary Leadership and Career Advancement

Discover the core skill that will make you indispensable and elevate your career success. Stand out in the sea of talented graduates, becoming the go-to choice for employers, and forge a fulfilling career.

Get to the next level of your career.

Unlock the full potential of your people

Helping leaders and teams to cultivate productive behaviours for well-being, performance, stronger team dynamics, improved decision-making and better engagement and connection with stakeholders through emotional intelligence.

The Self Innovation Academy.

The Self Innovation Academy

At the Self Innovation Academy, we fuel your journey towards an extraordinary future. We're committed to empowering individuals to evolve, stepping into their ultimate potential.

We're here to help you confront your unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs that can manifest as self-sabotage and awaken the power within you to dismantle them. Our unique approach aids you in identifying, understanding, and breaking free from your inner glass ceiling, setting the stage for a transformative self-innovation journey.

Get ahead in 3 simple steps.


Complete a pre-program emotional intelligence assessment.

Have your first meeting with me where we arrange your assessment to identify your needs.

Step 1 to improve your career.
Step 2 to improve your career.

You receive a Development Plan Workbook.

Based on the needs identified in the pre-program assessment.


Begin your program.

Where we go through the assessment results and develop a final plan. Then begin the 6 module program that will put you ahead of the curve .

Step 3 to improve your career.

Be a high performer, inspire performance in others

Emotional Intelligence is the key to a successful career and a fulfilling life.

Technical skills can only take you so far in your career. With Empowered By Design helping you to develop emotional intelligence skills, you can become indispensable and have a fulfilling career.

Enhance how you connect, communicate and collaborate.

Feel empowered to succeed on any pathway in your life.

Develop key workplace competencies.

Have more clarity.

Learn how to adapt and thrive in any environment.

Become the leader everyone wants to follow.


Career coaching testimonials.

“One of the things I was really struggling with before doing the Empowerment course with Preetie, was overthinking. It was crippling. I could spend hours in a loop and achieve nothing productive or actionable. I am grateful that Preetie's course has helped me grow my ability to be still and to observe my own thoughts. In Preetie's Empowerment program you can find pearls of wisdom, powerful knowledge, a welcoming community, a place of safety and a key to freedom. The power is within you. Preetie I am so very grateful to you and to my Sisters in the course.”


“I have learned a great deal about the power of choice, thoughts, conscious mind, and subconscious mind. The Program has taught me to inculcate a habit of positive self-affirmation and to utilize the conscious mind ‘processing centre’ to weed out negative & damaging thoughts. I am truly thankful to have found a way to have a positive outlook of life through this Program.”


“This is my first online program I have taken and I am so glad I took the first step to sign in. At first I was a bit sceptical, but as we started Preetie made it so meaningful and wonderful. This program has been great for me as it has a powerful way to awaken my inner wisdom through practical exercises. It has helped me to truly know myself. I highly recommend this Self- Empowerment program for those seeking to take charge of their life.”

Mrs Singh

“I recently attended the "Harnessing your Feminine Superpowers" workshop and I can't thank Preetie enough for putting together such a transformative event. As someone who always felt that the societal norms were limiting and holding me back, this workshop stands out as a powerful learning experience. I came away with a deeper understanding of my strengths, how to harness them, and how to channel them in my daily life.  I wish I had access to this knowledge much earlier in my life. I strongly recommend this workshop to any woman who wishes to unlock her potential, tap into her inner strengths, and lead a life that is in alignment with her true self. Thank you for such a transformative experience!”


“I highly recommend Preetie Boler and her masterclass, "Embrace You: Harnessing your Feminine Power." This masterclass provides practical insights and tools to help you embrace your feminine energy, overcome challenges, and achieve success.  What sets this masterclass apart is the deep exploration of the concept of feminine energy and learning how to understand and embrace it fully. Preetie guides you in activating and harnessing your feminine superpower, enabling you to step into your true potential. She addresses personal barriers, such as imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, and self-imposed excuses, providing practical techniques to overcome them. I can’t recommend Preetie enough, as her expertise and passion make her an exceptional facilitator, and attending her masterclass is a truly empowering experience.”